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Is it better to have had a good thing and loose it, or never to have had it?

This is a question I ask to all of you. When you are hit with a sad situation do you regret it ever happening? Would you be happier without this moment in your life? Would you be willing to let go of all the memories of this thing…just to find closure?

I ask myself this every moment of my life and I don’t have a straight answer. There are days where I can remember a person, a place, a thing I once loved. They gave me joy when days were fun. These things could make me smile on a day I was sad. They also gave me anger when things became difficult. They could also at times hurt me for the trust I so easily gave to them. On those days I would want to rid them of my life.

But then there are days where the memory of these things truly would make me think. Without these situations occurring to me I would not be the person that I am today. Fate lead those things to me and although I didn’t always like the hand I was dealt; I learned to live with it. Even if it made me stronger or weaker I moved forward.

There are days were you will cry missing these things, there will be days when you will receive such joy from this moment being in your life.

As I write this I too have been faced with something sad but, in time I will be ok with it. Sadness may fill my eyes now but, I will heal.

How do you feel about this? Share your ideas with me.

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